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Translating God’s Words into Oroko

Happy Hearts ! Happy Hearts. DanLisa

Oroko Bible Translation Team


The Demise of the Oroko Politician. (Jackson Nanje)

The current Anglophone crisis has so far been a true test to see if the Oroko (Ndian Division) politicians will fold into their usual docility again or rise in a rare occasion to speak truth to power.   By. Jackson W. Nanje.   For close to sixty (60) years since the dawn of Cameroon’s independence in […]

School Bench Project 2016 (Samuel S. Diony)

CLASSROOM BENCH PROJECT IN CAMEROON REPORT: This report is a narrative of how the Oroko-USA Association managed to launch the Classroom Bench Project in Cameroon. The project should be considered to be the first phase of how Oroko-USA can help improve the dilapidated conditions of our Oroko primary schools; especially with regards to the falling […]

Tourism in OrokoLand (By Fred Bebe)

Although there are many sites of touristic importance in Orokoland, they are yet to be developed, and advertised as such. However, a feature of immediate and growing importance is that of ecotourism. “Ecotourism is a form of tourism that strives to minimize ecological or other damage to areas visited for their natural or cultural interest”. […]

Ndian Division. A Neglected Treasure ( By Andrew Edimo )

A common saying goes that the deeper a treasure is buried, the more anxious the pirate is to get to it.But that is not the case with Ndian Division, which is a treasure neglected. Part of the beauty of the Korup National Park here, the deplorable nature of roads is a nightmare to tourists and […]

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