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Writing the next chapter of Oroko USA

Ba Tata na Ba Iya,   I want to take a quick moment to talk about the state of OROKO-USA today. From Atlanta to Washington DC; from Boston to California; from Dallas to New York; from New Jersey to Minnesota; from Chicago to Kentucky, Oroko sons and daughters are present […]

The Making of a Power Command

Bana bua ba Oroko, the time has come again for me to address you all in the spirit of unity and love for our motherland. Although I would have loved to engage more on a personal level with each one of you, it is usually a moment of overwhelming honor […]

Leading Oroko-USA In Challenging Times

Ba Iya na ba Tata, bana bua ba Oroko, It is once again a moment of immense honor for me to provide a summary of our Oroko organizational activities you entrusted in my care and where my team and I intend to take the organization to in the years ahead. […]

Issues that hinder the Oroko People at Home and Abroad

  Mr. President of OCA USA Your Royal Highnesses; Distinguished Invitees; Dear Brothers and Sisters. I. Plan of Presentation Formalities: Permit me to first of all express my joy of being here today accompanied by my dear wife Josephine. Our presence here was neither planned nor dreamed of. But we are […]

The Demise of the Oroko Politician. (Jackson Nanje)

The current Anglophone crisis has so far been a true test to see if the Oroko (Ndian Division) politicians will fold into their usual docility again or rise in a rare occasion to speak truth to power.   By. Jackson W. Nanje.   For close to sixty (60) years since the […]

Keynote Address to Oroko National Convention: Boston, MA 2017

I would like to thank ill the members of this August assembly here today. We are a privileged group of people. We’re the only ones who span two divisions in the South West Province; Ndian and Meme. Let me also thank the Honorable National President Prince Mediko for the gift […]

Translating God’s Words into Oroko

Happy Hearts ! Happy Hearts. DanLisa

Oroko Bible Translation Team


School Bench Project 2016 (Samuel S. Diony)

CLASSROOM BENCH PROJECT IN CAMEROON REPORT: This report is a narrative of how the Oroko-USA Association managed to launch the Classroom Bench Project in Cameroon. The project should be considered to be the first phase of how Oroko-USA can help improve the dilapidated conditions of our Oroko primary schools; especially […]

Tourism in OrokoLand (By Fred Bebe)

Although there are many sites of touristic importance in Orokoland, they are yet to be developed, and advertised as such. However, a feature of immediate and growing importance is that of ecotourism. “Ecotourism is a form of tourism that strives to minimize ecological or other damage to areas visited for […]

Ndian Division. A Neglected Treasure ( By Andrew Edimo )

A common saying goes that the deeper a treasure is buried, the more anxious the pirate is to get to it.But that is not the case with Ndian Division, which is a treasure neglected. Part of the beauty of the Korup National Park here, the deplorable nature of roads is […]

Education in OrokoLand ( By Jackson Nanje )

As Oroko people, we have suffered a lot. Oroko clan has a total of 227 villages scattered in two divisions (Meme and Ndian) with a population of Ndian division well over 130,000 people based on the 1975 censors. Probably estimated today at about 200,000 people. The book drive is not something […]

My Proffer for the First Oroko World Conference ( By Andrew Edimo )

Since the idea of organizing an oroko world conference came into existence in the circle of Oroko Cultural Association – USA, until when it was agreed that it is a project worth perusing during an executive meeting in Maryland, some years ago, I have being pondering on how this august […]

‘Welcome” in hindsight, is an Oroko contradiction. ( By Loius Etongwe)

The last time that I checked the Webster dictionary of the English language, unabridged edition; “Welcome” which also means ‘Oroko’ in our ancestral derivation; is to greet hospitably with courtesy and cordially? ‘Welcome’ also means to accept with the occurrence of…or receive gladly into ones presence or companionship, giving pleasure, […]

A Brief Analysis of the Oroko Dailect. ( By Dan and Lisa Freisen)

All this talk on Oroko’s relationships to other languages has got me looking at stuff on the web. Here are some links for those in this group that want to look at the relationship between words in their dialect and other African languages. For example, one of the Swahili words […]

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